People or Experiences

People or experiences, my topic here is to create a small experiment with self and others in the confinement of our mental frames. My invitation through this article is to see ourself and others as just experiences, not as absolute people or personalities. I strongly believe, that when we start with this frame of reference to self and others, unimagined and unseen possibilities shall emerge as an individual, community, societal and planetary levels.

For a minute, just let go off who you are, or who you believe yourself to be and consider yourself as an “experience”. Sounds Vague? sure! In order to bring clarity for, what does it mean when I say, “Consider yourself as an experience”, you could have following questions or checkpoints

  1. What is my experience in the moment, of my surrounding?
  2. How is my surrounding experiencing me?
  3. What is the experience that I choose to create?

The “experience’ mindset, takes us away from our past, our luggage of who we believe we are. Our belief of, who we are constantly works on every thought, every action of ours, recreating past experiences in new illusionary package. Every time we recreate our past, we do it differently and call it “progress” however the experience of progress remains elusive. What we do get through these processes is a “gratifying feeling” that, I am progressing and have fulfilled my purpose. We start believing that, who we are is creating an impact, instead of realising that ‘I’ as an experience impact and get impacted by other experiences to create the current reality.

If ‘I’ were just an experience, in a collective of what the society and planet is experiencing, then what “experience” do i wish to create for myself and those surrounding me. What is my ripple effect?

The minute one starts thinking of self as just another experience, the level of freedom to choose in the moment of impact increases. This also takes one to greater level of understanding that when we are in the experience of self, all is connected.

“I thought I was a drop, so I did what a drop does, just drop, Somewhere I heard of a Tsunami, for I am unaware of how all this connects”

I believe that when we start operating from the ‘experience mindset’, we shall see the connection, our language will change, and so will our experiences, we will be more authentic, more honest, more kind, more expressive, more courageous. We will then not stay in our survival modes trying to save our perceived existence, all the time. We will then live our experience fully and impact experiences, from a deeper understanding of true empathy, true connection. This life would be detached from the ‘Ego’ that gives us false sense of identity, connection, progress and keeps us separated.

Who see all beings in themselves, and themselves in all beings, relinquish separation, How can seeming diversity of life, delude the one who has seen its unity?

~ Isopnishad (1st millenium BCE,  Hindu scripture)

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