Good Mourning!

Yes, thats right! Good Mourning! No, its not a spelling mistake. It is Mourning, that I wish to write about.

Mourning, has been often related to something that happens after physical death. We may forget that, it also happens when a relationship, identity, philosophy, belief, feeling or an idea dies.

In todays fast paced world with the news of unrest, business layoffs and constant movements becoming a parts of our lives, the yearning of the soul, seeking time and space to mourn is increasing, but not being paid attention to. We have been conditioned to move on, keep going, as if nothing happened. We move from city to city, country to country, job to job, with ease and confidence showing on our faces as hurricanes wait to erupt inside us. To sit and mourn over what has died within us, is unacceptable to us, to our families and friends. It is a tender, vulnerable and very intimate space, where no one has the time or skill to tread? or is it courage to look at the deceased? Intimacy scares us, it makes us vulnerable.

But then, how do we become, who we want to become without looking at, who we were? without mourning for the death of parts of ourselves? and without sharing our vulnerabilities?

Mourning is an important, life giving ritual, a burning of old crop before tilling the soil again, to sow new seeds and to allow new life. We allow more space for aware creation, when we bring mourning into our consciousness. It energises us and helps us feel whole again.

What have you mourned for? What still aches inside of you that you wish to share and mourn for?

Find time to mourn, to create with awareness and celebrate intimacy with self.

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