I saw a Still New world

As I jogged in the park today,

I saw beautiful flowers and trees sway,
Breeze carried the morning mist in its arms,
The sun came behind a building far away.
I looked at the blue sky and then the green earth,
I had a primitive urge to dig the dirt and get into it.
At first it seemed absurd but then I let myself go,
I started digging the earth with my bear hands.
I kept digging with my strong claws,
 my hands and fingers were nimble
and my nails were sharp and very long
Soon I was tired and covered in mud,
At one point in time the mud  gaged me
as the mud entered my mouth and nostrils,
But I was adamant, I kept going digging deeper,
Deeper, deeper and deeper, the earth was moist,
I went deeper and deeper, I felt like I hit water source.
And lo behold that is when the base below me gave way,
and I fell deep into the space inside the earth,
I kept falling and was in water, but couldn’t swim,
there was a force which kept pulling me deeper,
Water ended, I found myself in a space with no ground,
I was suspended, just suspended in air, effortlessly,
I felt like a feather, I felt like a wisp of dandelion,
I looked around to see beautiful golden yellow pyramids,
Pyramids on very tall pillars, giant pillars which had winds.
Winds whirling around them, like a tornado in control of itself.
It was amazing to see so many pillar pyramids around me…
As I watched amazed, I  became aware of drops of water,
Drops of water falling from the sky, and looked upwards,
and lo! behold!, I was standing under a serene ocean.
It looked like a mirror and and showed me the reflection
Reflection of the world I was seeing now, my God!
It created a beautiful space within space, depth within depth…
There were two suns and several moons showing themselves
I loved the suspension in the space, just being there was so great,
It quietened my senses and made me one with the stillness.

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