Wounded worlds of Survival

When I look at the title I wonder, if I could have a more appropriate one to catch a readers imagination, but then I decide to let it be. The ‘Wounded worlds of survival’ evokes pain and fear in me, that I wish for the reader to connect with. In this article I wish to bring the importance of being able to see our individual and collective wounds. To be able to accept layers of wounds hidden in our psyche that manifest in our behaviors in a way that it seems like we a plugged into a system that runs us without our knowing. We have unconsciously created survival mechanisms to continue living our lives in our own small bubbles, always playing small, scared to disturb our equilibrium and praying hard that nothing goes wrong in this tiny bubble. We wake up to realities only when they hit us hard on our faces and we have no clue, what to do? and where to go? And sometimes feeling stranded in a lonely Island. There is a numbness that has creeped into us that keeps us moving on, oblivious to the pain and emptiness that exists within and outside of us. Sometimes we do get a glimpse of it, but we have learnt to ignore it. It feels like we are on some sort of anesthesia. Anesthesia that allows us to keep our eyes open, without really seeing, it allows us to keep our mouth talking without making sense and keep our ears hearing without listening.  We all live in a world that seeks connection at a deeper level but our condition doesn’t allow us to create space for it. We see ourselves sad and we immediately want to fix it, we see our excitement and we want to curb it. We all have a desire to laugh out aloud at the edge of our insanity but when we see someone actually do it, it can scare the shit out of us. We have disconnected ourselves from self and others for the fear of, who we might become if we allow humanity to show in its complete form in us. Will we be judged, ostracized, or even killed?

We have so many wounds around being who we are, that we have learnt to numb it all and just carry on with our survival. We have become insensitive to the happenings around us and the world.  When we move towards becoming alive to our part in what is happening around us, it will make us more human and more connected. Rather than blaming people, situations and systems.

We live in a world that has been wounded by our human race. We in our quest to discover ourselves and survive, have made grievous mistakes. These mistakes need acceptance and forgiveness. We have let ourselves believe that we are the greatest race on this universe and also created differentiation in the human race itself. We have plundered lands to gather and hoard more for ourselves and our children, while we took away from the others, their lives and their rights to dignified lives. Our fear of death took us to war and created more of death. Our fear of scarcity took us to building dams on every free flowing abundant river and cultivating every fertile piece of land to fill our coffers. Yet there are deaths around the world due to lack of nutrition and food.

If today you decide to pause for a moment and become aware of how we play a part in creating a world full of differences, I think that will be all. We don’t really have to “do” anything, we just have to become fully and bodily aware of how I am responsible for creating the world that I live in. Our world, of course has its light side but also to find courage to stay in the shadows, without complaining and blaming the government, powerful people or world. Just staying and seeing ourselves in relation to what is happening around us, experience the pulse and the throb of the wounds that exist and notice its impact on us. I think that is all the seeing and honoring that the wounds need.

Knowing that all is well and we have to move away from just trying to hoard and survive, will start making our lives more fulfilled and connected. The self absorption that lures us to be smaller than who we are. It keeps us away from seeing the abundance that is still there in spite of all the wounding, and that will naturally help us move towards the light from our Shadows. Shunning our collective wounded shadows will keep us numb and lifeless, creating more of wounding without awareness.

Simple questions of ; What are you doing today? Where are you working? For who are you working? Towards what are you working? How is your work playing a part in the bigger scheme of things? How does it impact Earth and Communities? What are the similarities between hunting and hoarding and your work? How do you survive? What are you ready to forgive in you around you? What are you ready to live with? These are questions that will help us come out of our “zombied” working bodies and to become more aware and reflective beings on consciousness. It will help us see our patterns that come from how we have experienced wounding of self, our families, our ancestors, our nation and our world. It is time we honored all the wounding, see it for what it really did, in all its darkness and move towards purposeful lives, that really matter to us. Play a bigger role that is our Dharma, towards self and the future of humanity. I dream that we co-create spaces of respect and honoring polarities that we exist in, and not shun that is uncomfortable to us. Accept all parts of ourselves and not exile parts that are tender, soft, outrageous and wanting connection inside of us. And when we push them to the brink they will show up in our society and will be staring at our faces wanting acceptance.


  1. Sharmila says:

    I liked the title. It is indeed wounded worlds of survival. Also I wonder if there are anything but wounded worlds. The pain is evident in the writing. I wonder how I could help

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  2. Rashmi Dixit says:

    Sharmila we can always help, first accepting our own wounding fully helps us connect with the trauma and wounding of others.


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