Narratives- Scripts that run in our DNA

Basic understanding of Narratives


Our life is a function of the narratives that we weave and leave behind. Every narrative has a emotion and energy. The narrative continues to live till it holds energy. All narratives have a charge that connects with ppls energy. There is an exchange of energy that happens between the person and the narrative. Sometimes the narrative takes the energy away, this is called disempowering narrative and some narratives empower. The seduction of the disempowering narrative allows us to be in a certain zone of lull where action is not required and there is no responsibility. It makes us feel like a victim. Both types of narratives can continue for decades. The narratives that are used as we are growing up the most affect our being

Narratives evolve can over time and are impacted by the teller and the listener. If a narrative it touched by awareness and deep consciousness both in telling and listening it starts holding a magical mythical energy. Just like the Mahabharata and Ramayana and the Vedic  or other religious ancient texts hold the power of these narratives. These narratives shape the cultures and consciousness of the region, country and planet. For anything to transform or change in the way the planet functions the narratives should change.

Narratives are carried in our bodies, our body is a store house of our narratives and our mind a meaning making machine. The body and mind interact to create a meaning of a narrative.  Also there is a sacred time for each narrative as the energy that a narrative holds interacts with time space and people.

Narratives serve as an instrument of transmuting the energy. When a narrative can’t be integrated into a being it keeps narrating itself almost like a stuck record. Completion with a narrative helps in releasing the narrative.

Integrating the narratives is a deep process which helps release our inner Saraswati river. This mythical river Saraswati is the one which has disappeared.


Narratives run in three streams Conscious, Subconcious and unconscious


Tapping into this Saraswati will transform the being and the world

Comparing Narratives is an interesting process. When we compare against another persons life or success we are compare two narratives. To understand how two journeys are different the narratives which run the journeys become the key. This key opens the mysteries of the two journeys.

When this happens the journey’s balance and the comparison fades. The narratives in the journeys are like small waves in the sea, which create the bigger waves and narratives. Thoughts are the drops in this ocean.

In this world empowering narratives will emerge naturally, which allow the being to expand in its full potential. The value of breath is understood only inside the ocean. Souls journey is to go deep into the ocean without being pushed by the waves onto the comfortable shore. Diving deep will take us to a world full of life, curiosity and amazement.


Cultures across countries have Narratives running into their system, e.g.


The Indian culture promotes sacrifice of the young for the old. You see this narrative in Ramayan when for Dushrath’s promise, a newly wed Ram has to go for Vanyaprasth for 14years. Similarly in Mahabharata Bhishm has to vow celibacy so that his father can marry his loved one. These narratives run deep in the Indian culture. So sacrificing for parents or other elders of the family gets you the ultimate approval of society. Hindu rituals are designed to put the elders on a pedestal and the young have to bow. Obedience is a virtue rather than reason. Blind following of rituals by elders without finding the reason and passing the logic down the generations has thus not happened. There is not enough questioning in the system. Questioning is considered to be challenging as it pulls the elders out of their comfort zones and pushes them for answers. Some questions thus cannot be asked especially when it comes to why a ritual is being followed.

To become conscious of our narratives is a work of lifetime and it needs being fully present to self and listening to the churn.


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