Is Aggression Necessary?

It is easy to judge aggression from outside and difficult to own aggression within. Yesterday was a strange yet significant day. I was home all day immersed in my paintings and doing household chores, until a woman from the neighborhood knocked on my door. She said that my son had hit her son and she was there to make me aware. I was a bit upset with my son and I called him in front of the complaining mother. My son just said it was a mistake and he is sorry and went into his room. After the woman and her kid and a few other neighboring kids who were accompanying her left. I sat down to calm myself. I know my son as being a extremely composed child, and wanted to know what had actually happened that led him to hit another child. When I entered his room he was crying and was very angry, upon enquiry he said, “Do you know that boy troubled and killed a poor Grasshopper?” That Grasshopper was my friend. I told that boy don’t hit my friend, but he stamped on him, and I couldn’t stop myself and by mistake punched him on his stomach. I am sorry.” I realized that my son was giving me an important lesson, on aggression.
One, when aggression is done on someone of something that can’t speak for itself, aggression will go unnoticed, how much ever the degree of aggression. This doesn’t mean that in someway it won’t come back and hit us. Be aware of all such aggression.
Two, There are different types of aggression, one which comes from the conscious judgement of right and wrong. This gets deeper when there is a subconscious need to prove our right as right and subjugate all that we see as wrong. Another when there is past suppressed aggression (could be a byproduct of first type) waiting to be vented and third is picked up aggression, this aggression is ignited by others aggression, we pick it up without realization. This is usually seen in mass violence.
The third lesson is to be aware of the aggression inside of you, only that can help you relate to the aggression outside. Else the world will seem like a brutal place where every one has to be aggressive for survival.

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