Why Sabbatical is Necessary For a Leader

Time out
If you have been in a Leadership position for more than five years and you haven’t taken a sabbatical, might mean that you and your team is not in a good mood. Sabbatical is a long leave, where you just rest and are away from the otherwise daily routine of life. A sabbatical is an important part of career as it helps you either hone the skills required for reaching higher positions, find another career path for yourself, travel the world, or just be with yourself and relish your company. It is like a recharge time, where you may find your abundant childlike energy, to rejuvenate your career. It helps you create a healthy atmosphere around your space, where you seem more present and aware. If you have a leader who doesn’t believe in taking time off, then you will feel like you are in a hamster’s wheel. Always in a illusion of moving forward but staying where you are. Strange but true most of us spend our lives in the illusion of moving forward and are always very busy doing it. This illusion provides us some sort of a daily purpose and keeps our grey matter active. The only flip side is that we never come to know what happiness truly means, what freedom truly means, we don’t even realize our multifaceted personality, which gets submerged into a mundane monotony. A Leader, who takes necessary sabbaticals and keeps himself energized, connected and happy can create a much happy atmosphere for himself and his team. Such leaders can bring in new thought processes and ideas, they do not believe in unnecessarily punishing themselves to a relentless mechanical life.

Sabbatical is a natural rest process, which is also given to the Earth, when farming is halted, so that the land can refresh and rejuvenate its minerals and nutrition. A land, which has had a sabbatical gives much more harvest than land, which has been depleted of all its nutrients and has to be boosted with chemical fertilizers and nutrients. A leader’s Sabbatical is like a Vision quest, which may help the leader deepen his/ her understanding of self and nurture the soul. When such a Leader comes back he/ she brings back compassion, enthusiasm and deeper wisdom to the work place.

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