Gifts of 2020- Year end integration

This workbook is my gift of love to you

“Your task is not seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


2020 has been a special year for all of us and the night has been long and dark. To me, it feels like we are in the woods, waiting for that smoke to clear and the fire to be put out. This waiting is familiar, being in the woods without any direction is familiar to many of us.

2020 has become a portal to integrate all that we have learnt in our life’s journey. It created a crucible to test our decisions that we have made in life, a crucible to see the systems in which we exist and how we have played by its rules to survive. As we come on the other side of this portal, let us take time to create a pause within the pause of 2020, that has brought to forefront of: What is really important for us as individuals and as humanity?

Here I have created a short year end workbook for integration, healing and moving forward. Hope you find it useful. These exercises can be done individually or in a small trusted group setting.

Remember, What you seek is seeking you

  1. What is an image or metaphor that comes to your mind when you think of this year? (No words needed allow your right brain processing to happen and think of only images, colors and metaphors, go ahead a draw, paint or use free hand and allow your pen, colors to free flow)
  2. Look at the colors and images- see what stands out most for you, make a note.
  3. Find a safe and clear space and do this somatic practice: Stand with your legs shoulder apart and hands hung loose from your shoulders, palms facing forward. Close your eyes and notice your breathing, feel your finger tips as you breath and notice the rise and fall of your chest-belly as you breath. Become fully present to it. As you become more and more present, notice the movement waiting to emerge in your body and allow the movement to happen, that movement will lead to another and another, allow for the movements to flow through your body. There might be a sound wanting to emerge and let it emerge organically. Allow for this to happen until your body wants to stop. Lie down on your back and rest. Allow deep listening and emergence to happen. This would help your body to align with your breath and energise you.
  4. Find a relaxed position and sit with a notebook and pen. Close your eyes and listen to all the messages 2020 has tried to bring to you, write down, doodle as you listen.
  5. Give your self permission to be relaxed, calm and in silence. Be in complete curiosity and do not allow any judgement or critique of what is emerging for you, just be in observance.
  6. Think of a time and share a story of how 2020 empowered you, made you aware of something more than you already knew and how are you integrating that wisdom as you are stepping into 2021.
  7. What have you learnt about yourself in 2020 that has expanded your understanding of ‘Who you are?’ and your gifts?
  8. Take few minutes to look at all that you have noted in this workbook. Sit with it. Notice what you see waiting to emerging for you in 2021.

Let us step into the new with awareness and with your eyes a little more open

“We all may have come on different ships, but we all are in the same boat now.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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