Who the F* is Alice? Leadership lessons from Alice in wonderland

Global Leadership:

(The process of Organic Emergence)

My thoughts for those who would like to facilitate True Global Leadership, because there is other type of Leadership facilitation. I call it the Band-Aid methodology to suit the corporate dashboard. So this one is for those would like to explore true Leadership and are ready to wait for its emergence.

Global Leadership has today become a buzzword, where every organization wants to crack the code, find the potion and order it for their Leaders.

What is missing is the consciousness of organic emergence, in this quick fix corporate world…and more time that we spend on the quick fix the more we lose time, which we could constructively put towards developing the true leadership consciousness.

Here I would like to quote Dan Malloy’s book “Slow is fast”. Allowing the process of Organic emergence of Leadership is the key to the ‘wonderland’ we all are looking for.

To explain this further I would use the characters and setting of  ‘Alice in wonderland’. For me there are four key frame works, which could evoke a Leader’s thought process:

Stage 1:

Risk fall into the unknown:

This is the scariest of all, but once you take the plunge you are already into your journey of becoming a Leader par excellence. This fall will tutor you into showing consistent courage of getting out of your comfort zone time and again. This space builds your resilience and self- confidence. When you get into this dark unknown burrow, you have only yourself to bank on. Everyone else will look too busy and too fast, just like the Rabbit in a waistcoat. You may feel you are too slow and not getting anywhere but once you are here new paths will emerge from your uniqueness. Innovation happens from this space; new ideas, processes and structures emerge from this space.

Stage 2:

Explore your wonderland; it is ‘OK’ to be lost:

Be open and curious to the exploration. You may feel some fear in that exploration but keep moving and you will find your co travelers.  It is ok to feel lost, stay with it. Some of the folks you meet may be strange, rude, indifferent and some filled with deep animosity. But remember this is your journey and it is worth all the risk. You will find your reflections all the way, some you will recognize and some you will banish. Explore your parts and meet them, converse with them. Until a Leader has been on a Journey to his internal wonderland, his connect with self and the world is fuzzy. This fuzziness creates confusion in his communication with the world and his real message remains elusive. He then may hold a Leadership position but can’t deliver Leadership and Leadership remains a jargon.

Stage 3:

Listen to the messages and the messengers:

It’s the code in your wonderland that will attract you the most, which will send you most messages. It may be something that you will react to. These messages may occur as lessons that you learn as you move or there might be messengers, who will cross your path.  They will say something about your purpose, a prophecy, which you will never believe in. But when you chose not to listen, you become restless and uneasy. However when you listen to the message and move towards it, you experience freedom from unnecessary stress. Learn patience and wisdom of few chosen words. Observe and play with connection to self and parts of self. Laugh at the messages, Play with them, experiment with them, and observe the emergence.

Stage 4:

Be flexible, vulnerable and humble:

Leadership is not about being Big or small. Leader’s flexibility of Mind, Body and Spirit, will help move towards the desired Goal without the perceived blocks.  There will be times when you will feel big and times when you will feel small use all times as opportunities to move towards your goal, without being perturbed or judgmental about self. Your calm- curiosity and display of pure vulnerability will support your journey all through. It will help establish deeper connections and create meaningful collaborations.

“Yes you are mad, you have gone bonkers, but all the best people are”- from Alice in wonderland

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