Story of Chaos and Self acceptance

Chaos seems to have a negative connotation in most of our minds, but Chaos is necessary. It gives us something to do, it keeps us busy, many people live there life through chaos. It might sound strange but it is true. Have you seen people around you in a hurry, wanting to reach somewhere, wanting to be someplace? If you ask them their favorite color, they might look at you as if you have gone nuts. If you ask them what is it that they do in their free time, they give you, the “what a loser!” look.

They engage themselves in work, which they feel they are doing for family or significant others or just for proving a point. But inside there is a longing to be accepted and they would do anything for it. Humans would do anything for acceptance and validation of other humans. It is a human condition. Some may call their validator God, some may call Guru, some might just have friends who validate and some may be a part of a group or organisation. We all seek acceptance and validation of who we are? our thoughts and our being. This awareness of what I seek, creates a shift in how we approach life.

If we choose to be ignorant about ourselves, then we do so at our own peril. It needs courage to own up, who is it that we are seeking acceptance from? This is a big one. Till we continue to seek acceptance from the outside world we will live our lives in chaos, which can’t be sorted with our efforts alone, because there is an outside element involved. So a large part of our life will be then spent on engaging and influencing with this outside element. Sometimes the chaos will look unsurmountable and we go numb, so we just live our life without asking any questions. Our advice to others is, don’t think so much, don’t question so much, Relax man, chill; while saying this to others at some level we also say it to ourselves. We just can’t handle the chaos so we just look away, while it continues to stare at us in our faces.

The outside world and the chaos in it, is an reflection of our inside world, so if we shifted the focus from outside acceptance to self acceptance, our journey would take a entirely different turn. We would be aware, if not comfortable with all parts of ourselves and not projecting it on the outside world. We would be aware that all that affects me in the outside world exists within me, this awareness makes me more accountable for my thoughts, words and actions  . We would start experiencing the world in a deeper way and would establish a healing connect with it. There would be chaos, but along with chaos their would be an inner voice of the higher self, allowing us to connect with the elements of nature and link our senses with it. We could then have faith in our intuition and work with nature in harmony.  I dream of such a world, and I know it already exists, a part in you and a part in me.

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